Натуральный утеплитель из льна - это то, в чем мы лучшие. Межвенцовый льняной утеплитель - это лучшее, что мы делаем для Вас и Вашего деревянного дома.

Mezhventsovyi flax insulation

Ukrainian producer of organic and natural products from flax offers for sale its products

“Ukrainian linen company plus” has extensive experience in the field of cultivation (sown area of ​​1500 hectares) and processing (in its own production facilities) flax. All products are environmentally friendly and safe.

Since 2007, our company produces mezhventsovyi flax insulation from your own flax. With years of experience multi-year process technology to offer the most attractive prices on mezhventsovyi flax insulation.

Is an environmentally friendly material made from natural flax fibers. Unlike other related materials will be on 100% natural linen fibers, more dense and elastic than different “mix” of heaters. Len has good insulating properties, and insulation based on it are becoming increasingly popular – they are ecological, natural and accessible. Eliminates the appearance of gaps in the process of drying wood. Flax insulation – flax fibers can absorb quickly and simultaneously give moisture depending on the ambient humidity, that is “breathing” – prevents fungus, is not affected by moths and other microorganisms – on linen material is non-static electricity – in contrast to the mineral insulation. Mezhventsovyi insulation contains no hazardous to human health components. Used as insulation between the walls crowns during assembly of wooden houses, as well as for thermal insulation of walls and floors, perfectly solves the problem of heat saving.

Flax insulation, part of the name is found as “flax felt, linen tape,” comes in the form of tape. Replaces traditional materials such as – moss lnovatin, tow, mineral wool. Our product beats them all the characteristics:

– Width: W cm followed by 1.0 cm increments

– Tape length: 25 m

– Width – 10.8 mm.

– Density – 550-700 g / m 2.

– Composition: 100% linen.

Cut fabric into strips of any size, so you can choose the exact width of insulation (sealant) to seal and assembly.

Mezhventsovy heater is also available in rolls.

High quality insulation is achieved by using a special thermal insulation fabric of bast fibers of flax, using needle technology using the latest technological equipment.

Density insulation, not less than 700 g per m2, which in turn increases the insulating properties of the material.

11 rodukg
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Price, UAH. VAT included
Flax insulation in rolls (45 m2) Roll size 1800 x 25000



Flax insulation in the tape width of 3 cm



Flax insulation in the tape width of 5 cm



Flax insulation tape to 8 cm wide



Flax insulation in the tape width of 10 cm



Flax insulation in the tape width of 12 cm



Flax insulation in the tape width of 15 cm



Flax insulation in the tape width of 20 cm



In recent years, housing construction is growing demand for eco-friendly materials. One is a linen padding – natural insulation made from flax fibers. Given the natural origin of the material, the low thermal conductivity of 0.0389 W / mK, sound-proofing features, it is a good alternative to synthetic insulation in private housing construction, especially in the construction of wooden houses.

Modern flax insulation manufactured in rolls or panels, thickness 50, 100, 150 mm, which can be recycled and do not require special disposal at the end of life. He has a number of advantages in comparison with other types of insulation, including basalt insulation. Some of the main advantages of flax insulation include:

Simple and safe installation – it can easily be cut without special tools, different elasticity, which eliminates the need for an accurate fit for laying slabs between framing members or rafters. Also flax insulation is completely safe for people: working with it does not require special clothing and other personal protective equipment.

Environmentally friendly – flax insulation refers to a hypoallergenic material. He meets the most stringent health and safety standards and can be used in the health, medical and child care centers, especially where there are strong demands for environmental safety.

Bactericidal properties – flax insulation prevents the appearance of fungus, mold, as well as a variety of microorganisms, acting as a natural filter the indoor air. In addition, it does not create conditions for the life of insects.

Durability – Lifetime insulation up to 75 years. However, it does not subject to shrinkage of its own weight, is not destroyed and does not lose its original properties throughout its life.

Water vapor permeability – with a porous structure, flax insulation promotes natural regulation of temperature and humidity, and provides efficient removal of excess moisture from the interior of isolated structures. It is important that the insulation of them no need to install a vapor barrier.

Thus, flax insulation – is a modern thermal insulation, which is efficient, environmentally friendly and durable.

Linen heat and sound insulation material – a new generation of natural insulation from vegetable fibers.

To date, flax insulation occupy the highest niche for environmentally clean natural insulation.

The use of natural insulation subsequently reduces the cost of establishing additional ventilation, save heat, and contributes to the establishment of a favorable climate in the room. It should be noted that in this case corresponds to the climate of the very high environmental standards.

Insulating material based on flax best ensures good heat and sound insulation ■ walls, ceiling, floor insulation, roofs. Has the unique ability to evaporate excess moisture.

We will provide for you the best conditions for our products.

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Flax insulation in sheets



Delivery time: today today.

Insulation is always in stock in Kiev.

Constant toll free consultation (067) 467-12-82 always at your service!

A flexible system of discounts to wholesalers and 15% if the regular orders in the amount of not less than 5000 USD. a month.

Competent professional help when choosing a product.

Delivery in Kiev or self from our warehouse.

We hope that our offer will interest you and we can discuss further cooperation.

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